United States on my mind in a Rich man world

I’m driving California, shadows lifting through the sunny endless mid-night highway until One Night Stand at the one-star -rated Motel.
While on the road deeper inner-state road real Human Rednecks passing my car,

Second One Night Stand I meet some Hootchie-Cootchie Railroad Hobo,

It’s a classic Van.

Stopping down at the Arizona, Texas inside the Contry – Saloon listening to real Blues Classic and dreaming of New Orelans Bourbon Street and visintg down at the Elvis Presley former Home, present Home Museum Maryland. It’s getting to consume my financial resources lot of but don’t care about it.

Once in the Lifetime holiday couple of months down at the States when I become the Lottery Millionare with my roots -music friend. Let us give a shoot for the land of Freedom!